Promoting wellness through the art of massages

Traditional Thai Massage

The reduction of tension. “The neck and shoulders are often tense.” The entire body is touched and harmonized through continuous, well-spread skilful attacks and targeted stretching. We bring you into a state of long-lasting deep relaxation and indescribable well-being. So you get the relaxation and loosening from us that increases your overall well-being so that you are ready for everyday stress and strain.


Massage at home

The full range of services offered by healwell are also available in the comfort of your own home/office/site. Email Matthew at if you would like further information. Massage duration: 90 minutes. Allocate yourself: 2 hours.


Deep Tissue Sport’s Massage

This is a very strong full body massage focuses on the major muscles. Full strength, firm compression and grip techniques are used to deeply release tensions. Your therapist will tailor the massage especially to your most needed zones. He will hone in and focus on your knots and trigger points, working on them feverishly to achieved measurable and tangible results.


Classic Swedish Massage

The deep treatment of tissue and muscles can relieve pain and tension of various types and locations. Restrictions on movement can be addressed and resolved in a targeted manner. Using deep treatment of tissue and muscle, symptoms of pain, tension and restriction in movement can be localized and eliminated.