We promote wellness through the art of massages

Traditional Thai Massage

The focus of our work is centered in reducing tension. We touch your entire body, and harmonize through continuous, well-spread skillful attacks, and targeted stretching. We bring you into a state of long-lasting deep relaxation and indescribable well-being. So you get the relaxation and loosening from us that increases your overall well-being so that you are ready for everyday stress and strain.


Massage at home

The full range of services offered by healwell are also available in the comfort of your own home/office/site. Email Matthew at for further information. Massage duration: 90 minutes. Allocate yourself: 2 hours.


Deep Tissue Sport’s Massage

This is a very strong full body massage focuses on the major muscles. We employ full strength, firm compression and grip techniques to deeply release tensions. Your therapist tailors the massage especially to your most needed zones. Hones in and focus on your knots and trigger points, working on them feverishly to achieved measurable and tangible results.


Classic Swedish Massage

The deep treatment of tissue and muscles can relieve pain and tension of various types and locations. Restrictions on movement are addressed and resolved in a targeted manner. Using deep treatment of tissue and muscle, symptoms of pain, tension and restriction in movement can be localized and eliminated.


Athletes Massage

This massage is designed only for athletes. If you push your body to its performance edge, you would know that full recovery and rest is crucial. How better to accelerate recover with a deep tissue massage. If your training load is high and looking for effective and fast recovery, then this experience is for you. There is no overtraining, just under recovery. Our therapists (Katherine, Diego, Alexandra and Matthew) are also athletes themselves. We use tools such as the theragun, thumper, hypervolt, T-bow, T-Pin Vector. Come and be treated by someone that truly understands the demands of a strict training program. Leave your session feeling recharged, recovered, released and ready to train to your max again.


Our massages in Zürich

We are an innovative massage space in Zürich! We offer various rituals formed from a fusion of relaxing massage techniques in a space designed with the purpose of enjoying a personal experience, or share your moment of relaxation with your partner or friends.

A different outing, a new plan, to feel far away from the noise and stress, in the very heart of the city of Zürich, near Sihl City, healwell massages offers you a break from the routine and a real experience of relaxation and enjoyment.

Through our rituals, a fusion of relaxing massage techniques we seek to connect you with your deepest center so that you can reach a resulting state of authentic relaxation and enjoyment, and enjoy your beautiful body once again.

All of our massages also work on a subtle level, so the resulting state is not only beneficial to the senses but to the body and mind as a whole.

In healwell we believe in the value of our customers experiences, so please visit our testimonials page to find out about our success stories, and join us with yours to create our own.

What can our massages do for you

For most of us, stiffness, pain, bad posture, lack of rest or a sedentary life, are a way of life to which we became accustomed and often do not realize that our muscles are tight until the moment we receive a good massage.

Our massages are performed on the body to treat a series of affections

  • Treat the muscular system: relaxes muscles, decreases fatigue, increases muscle tone
  • Alleviate the nervous system: Provides a sense of relaxation
  • Promote your circulation: Activates the circulatory process, increases oxygen delivery to the tissues
  • Embellish skin: Removes dead cells, improves skin elasticity and vitality
  • It also improves the immune system, fights insomnia, anxiety, depression and helps reduce stress
  • Releases muscle contractions and tension
  • Relaxes, boosts mood, releases stress
  • Reduces the risk of headaches, migraines, neck, arm, back… In case of suffering these symptoms, it helps to eliminate them and to recover, by reducing the need to ingest painkillers. A well-being that lead us to change our habits and recover the mind-body-spirit balance