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I am feeling incredibly grateful for my oh so tiny but significant place in the galaxy. The possibility to discover our full potential is such an honour and privilege. Action: let’s give ourselves some self-time to look inwards and discover something magical. Focus on your breath and the stillness of life. This photo was take at near midnight and minus -8C/17F in the Swiss Alps last night. If there are anyone in the Zürich area that wants to try cold water therapy or breathwork connect with us. 🦦#coldwatertherapy #BeYourOwnHero #healwell #Breathwork #WHM ...

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‘Sometimes in the pursuit of happiness, we have to stop and pause and just ‘be happy’’ and be in the here and now. The water was just perfect tonight at 5C/41F. I did 3 minutes. Spread your happiness this week to others less fortunate! #healwell #coldwatertherapy #SihlCity #BeYourOwnHero #Zürich #Switzerland ...

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Did you know we have 60 thousands plus thoughts every single day? If there is one thing that I’ve found to stop my racey mind immediately in its track and gets me into my body - it is getting into the cold water. It’s much more effective than traditional meditation! It was 4C/39F and flowing pretty fast tonight. It was so invigorating. The cold is our friend.

Question: When is it your time you try read up or try out the benefits of cold water therapy?!

I get into the Sihl River near SihlCity several times per week. Join me one time for an ice bath?

#WHM #ColdWaterTherapy #Bootcamp #healwell

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Happy milestone 20th birthday dear Ellis. You‘ve achieved so much in such few years. Thank you for lifting us! We wish you all the very best. ...

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