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Benefits of groups exercise⤵️
🔹A Qualified expert as your disposal to take you through a workout.
🔹”More bang for your buck”. Taking part in a group training session could push you to train harder as the combination of motivation from both instructor and other members competitiveness could increase the intensity of the session leading to better results.
🔹Lower risk of injury, compared to training on your own. You have a trained professional instructing correct form.
🔹No need for much planning. It’s super easy, the session and schedule is planned for you. All you have to do is turn up!
🔹Friendship and camaraderie, group training allows members to build friendships with one another as well as a community. Building a support network can keep you on track.
🔹Adds variety time your workouts. Switching it up and making it a little more fun with new exercises and training methods.
🔹It’s great for everyone, whatever their fitness level. Everyone is there to have fun and train hard!
🔹Higher Endorphins release from group exercise! The happy hormone and feel good feeling achieved from a great group session combining training, music & laughter.
🔹You don’t have to know exactly what your doing. The group trainer instructed exercises to ensure you know exactly what your doing on the day. So no real need for preparation leading up to the class
🔹Hidden incentives, booking or paying in advance(buying packs) is cheaper and keeps you on the “straight & narrow” as you have the intention of going to each session as you’ve already paid for it.
🔹It’s FUN! Group exercise is something to be enjoyed! Turning up and training together! Don’t let each other down, be there for one another and push each and every individual just like yourself to get closer to achieving your goals! Remember, do it, teach it, preach it😉
Join our bootcamp on Monday at 12:00, Wednesday at 18:00pm or Friday at 7:00am☺️We look forward to seeing you there💪🏻🔥

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It is not a bad spot to catch up on administration. Be outside and in touch with nature as much as you can! #BeYourOwnHero #healwell #BeWithNature ...

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Did you know that having some weight on your body helps ‘calms the mind’? That’s why we use heavy hot stones on you during our massages. All our massages are tailored made to you. In this case we have 40kgs on this client. Normally only 1 to 8 kgs of weight is required for the calm of the mind. If you need to be in harmony again with you body, consider booking yourself in for a healing massage. #BeYourOwnHero #DeepTissueMassage #TailoredMassage #SportsMassage #healwell ...

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Why are sunsets never boring?! A perfect late summer start to the weekend. Be with nature in the next two days! #BeYourOwnHero #healwell ...