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Sports Massage & Personal Training

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healwell is the best reviewed modern sports massage and personal training service in Zurich City (near Sihl city). First, our sovereign treatments es promise relaxation, stress relief and release of muscular tension. Including our uniquely “Deep Tissue Sports Massage” and pamper your body and mind with a relaxing and revitalizing experience. However, we offer a wide range of massage services. Book online today.

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our philosophy

Our approach for making your better self

At healwell, we will help you believe again in your incredible body. In other words, our belief is ‘move, move well, move often and eat mindfully’.

We believe that to reach clients results are only the beginning of becoming a better version of ourselves.

With healwell, you will find personalized plans. We will guide you to improve in the four pillars of human performance, mindset, movement, recovery and nutrition.

We are in touch with the latest fitness trends, but above all, our style is based on solid science and research.
Our trainers hold academy degrees in sports sciences. In conclusion, with each exercise you perform, you will be provided with good reasoning and research.

When you train with us, we will keep encouraging you to process on the progress you are making. Above all, our progress will be always MEASURABLE.

If you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle mass or a jump start to get back into shape our coaches will provide the knowledge and the means to help you stay fit and motivated to stay that way.

In other words, we design well rounded programs to ensure health, longevity, quality of life.

Stress reduction

In a world where we are digitally connected with everyone else, we find that in contrast we are so out of touch with ourselves and the immediate people surrounding us.

For one thing, at healwell  you’ll meet a community of like minded people who are striving to be a better version of themselves.

why choose us

Your holistic space for fitness & wellness.

Our Personal Training approach

  • We adapt to your needs, objectives and choices
  • Similarly, we can achieve set objectives in time efficient program, and in the right way.
  • Each training is developed under direct supervision of a specialized trainer, focused like you, in reaching your goals and/or your highest performance.
  • Our trainers demands, encourages, and has a commitment to you because your success is its purpose.
  • Workout in a more dynamic, surprisingly fun and personal way.
  • We ensure you an increase in quality and quantity of workloads, in a progressive, orderly, and planned way.
  • Enjoy a feeling of security and efficiency in how routines are done, by being observed and controlled by an expert.
  • Periodic checks and controls serve as a diagnosis to know how you are, with attention to what was your progress, and what you need to reach your peak.
  • A point often overlooked, minimal risk of overtraining and injuries.
  • Adapts to your schedule and to the place that is comfortable for you, wherever you are.

Our services

Training for body aesthetics: weight loss or gain (provided that your goals match your efforts), reduction of the body’s fat percentage, increase in muscle mass, muscle toning or “definition” exercises for the purpose of improving body flexibility. training especially aimed at pro or amateur athletes who seek to achieve high physical performance, training for improved health. Especially oriented to people with excess weight, older adults and people with motor restrictions.

What we offer

We offer you a wide range of services, while giving you concrete answers to specific needs, with results that you will see in a reasonable time. We carry out an test of your physical state and abilities, and according to them, we create a work plan that can help you reach the sought objectives.

Not everyone should train the same way. For this reason not everyone needs the same thing. You are unique and your traits and functions are specific. That’s why you need custom personal training program. Get back to your best self, and as a result, become your own hero.

Healwell Personal Training and Massage Team

Our Massage approach

  • We adapt to the specific needs of our clients.
  • Our therapeutic masseurs are licensed in various types of massage.
  • We have flexible schedules and can accommodate your schedule.
  • We pride ourselves on our space in Zurich, where you can relax properly.
  • Location, our salon is located in Zurich near Sihl City.
  • We improve your body, benefiting circulation and movement.
  • We treat various symptoms associated with stress such as accelerated heartbeat, rapid breathing and muscle tension.
  • Help you improve your mental performance by making you feel more alert and increasing your ability to concentrate and solve problems.

Our services

Decontraction treatments, spinal problems, working with spinal manipulation, joint unblocking, sports injuries, lymphatic drainage, post and pre training massages, complete therapeutics, shiatsu, chiropractic, joint openings. Similary, post surgery rehabilitation, with medical discharge, in addition to motor rehabilitation due to neurological diseases. Spasticity. Reductive treatments with lymphatic drainage and exfoliation. Muscle unblocking. Any dysfunction of the locomotive system. Arthrosis, arthritis, lumbago, dorsalgia, cervicalgia, sprains, tendinitis, etc.

What we offer

We adapt to your specific profile, please contact us for our full range of massage and activities, in a professional, hygienic and relaxing environment in our salon in Zurich, near Sihl City. Please visit our testimonials page to learn about our success stories, and learn about the right massage for your needs.

healwell is an unique space, a corner of light where you can relax and enjoy yourself through the expertise of our massage therapists, find the balance between knowledgeable and warm masseuses. Get back to your best self, become your own hero.


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