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Zürich Marathon

Become Your Own Hero

Let’s ride on the spirit of a new decade, to reach new heights. Let’s challenge ourselves in a fun and healthy way. Do you want to get back into shape and level up your fitness? Have you ever wanted to run in a marathon? Join us and train with a group of like minded people. Be part of a fun, cool fitness community that will inspire you to bring out your personal best.

Your trainers, Jorge, Katherine and Matthew have all already registered to participate in the marathon (42.2kms).

In addition to the full marathon challenge, the event also offers a Team Run option with four team members running different distances. As part of a team you can select to compete in distances of 8.0 kms, 12.7 kms, 4.0 kms, or 17.5 kms.

Individually, you can select 10kms or the marathon (42.2kms). There is something for everyone so put those excuses away and join us!

Are you ready to take on the biggest fitness challenge of your life? Let’s together break through our own limiting beliefs and run for our lives! Here is your chance to become your own hero!

Full Race Training Plan are personally designed by your running trainers Katherine and Jorge. The training plan is designed specifically for your level and goals: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced & ‘Pro’.

Call +41 76 506 74 88 for more information.

Sample Plan

Marathon training Weeks 1 – 4


Come to our weekly Marathon Fun Run Training: every Sunday at 10:00am.

“It’s on, rain hail or shine. Meeting point is healwell, Staffelstrasse 13. 8045 Zurich.

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Marathon Fun Run Training

As a runner, I rate myself as:

Select your race distance. We recommend you select a distance that one level higher that you have ever raced:

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Official registration, register: https://www.zuerichmarathon.ch/ at costOnline ‘community’ group motivation & communication (whatsapp) 27.-Detailed race training plan & online community, see sample attached 97.-One to One, running training session (60’) includes training plan & community 197.-Personalised online coaching and supervision.<br> 3 x 30’ coaching check-ins, complete email and text access to coach<br> Includes membership state of the arts ‘training peaks’ app 297.-1 x weekly group run training for 10+ weeks (eg Sunday 10:00)<br> Each session is 75’ - 90’ duration and includes training plan/community 297.-