Paul Sayer

Meet Your Classical Massage & Medicinal Qi Gong Therapist

paul_sayer_Classical_Massage_Medicinal_Qi_Gong_Therapist(For English, see below)

Paul ist Therapeut für klassische Massage und medizinisches Qi Gong. Ausgebildet in England und der Schweiz und mit langjähriger Erfahrung im ganzheitlichen und östlichen philosophischen Denken. Paul unterrichtet auch Privat und Gruppen Qi Gong an verschiedenen Orten in Zürich.

Sie können Paul für klassische Massage und medizinisches Qi Gong Behandlungen buchen.

Paul is a therapist for Classical Massage and Medicinal Qi Gong. Trained in England and Switzerland with many years of experience in holistic and eastern philosophical thinking, he also gives private and group Qi Gong lessons at various locations around Zürich.

You can book Paul for Classical Massage and Medicinal Qi Gong treatments.

Insurance recognition

As a member of the Swiss Professional Association for Massage Therapists with Health Insurance Registration I am recognized by most health insurance companies (supplementary insurance) and a member of the EMR, ASCA, EGK and SGQT.

With an additional supplementary insurance my services are partially refunded by your insurance. Some health insurance companies also cover the cost of Qi Gong group or individual therapy. If you want to be sure whether your health insurance company accepts a therapy or treatment in whole or in part, please clarify this in advance with your health insurance.