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Meet our highly experienced, well trained & passionate team

Matthew Hua

Therapist & Coach

Matthew Hua was born in Vietnam, with humble beginnings as a boat refugee from war-torn Vietnam. At the age of 7, he and his family settled in Australia. For the last 16 years, he has been living and working in Zürich, Switzerland. He is the founder, owner, massage therapist and personal trainer at healwell near SihlCity. As a teenager, Matthew was first introduced to meditation and the teachings from a Taiwanese Monastery in Sydney.

He has worked in the health and fitness industry (HIV research, health promotion, radiology, medical devices) for altogether over 25 years. He also a Venture Partner for a well respected private equity investor, with a focus on the Swiss Start Up ecosystem.

Throughout the past 20 years, Matthew has learnt both formally and on the job the various key massage techniques. However, his unique dynamic and free flowing style of massage is essentially self taught. He massages intuitively and choreographs each massage exactly tailored to the client’s body needs of the moment. He has studied classic, Chinese, Balinese, Thai, shiatsu, sports and other massages techniques in Sydney, Australia (1997), Guangzhou, China (2000) and in Zürich (2015). Matthew also holds a Diploma in Fitness Instruction from the Zürich MigrosKlubschule (2015). Matthew holds BA of Social Science and International Studies from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Matthew’s client base is 70% female and 30% male. Matthew speaks Vietnamese, Chinese, Cantonese, German and English. He has a goal of learning Spanish in the coming 12 months.

His motto for 2020 is ‘I practice letting go.’

You can book a session with Matthew directly by using this link or your can email him directly matt@healwell.ch

Alejandro Negreira Blanco

Personal Trainer

Ever since Alejandro was a young child, he has been passionate about almost everything to do with movement and sport.

He is a quiet motivator who believes in bringing out the best in himself and equally importantly the best in others. He does this by guiding others into the right direction to reach their ambitious fitness and health goals in the agreed timeframe. He carefully crafts and execute all training sessions to individual needs, based on proven scientific evidence.

He is member of two distinguished organisations: NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association – since 2012) and EHFA/EREPS (European Health and Fitness Association/European Register for exercise Professionals – since 2017, awarded highest – level 6).

Academically, he hold a bachelor’s degree in Sport Science from the University of La Coruña. Currently, he is finishing a Master’s degree in Sport Performance from the University of Madrid in association with the Spanish Olympic Committee.

His aptitudes include: Sport performance, rehabilitation and readaptation, weight loss, fat loss, nutrition for sport performance.

Alejandro speaks German, English and Spanish. You can book a personal trainer session with him directly here or email him alejandro@healwell.ch

Victor Breza

Massage Therapist

Viktor holds a diploma as Wellness Massage Therapist. He trained at a well respected massage technical college in Zürich, Massage Fachschule. For years he has been interested in the eastern mindset, the effects of healing stones and aromatherapy. His type of massage focuses on deep relaxation with a therapeutic aspect and a slow flowing style. Viktor will gladly support your journey of relaxation with all your heart. He is friendly, thoughtful, sympathetic, helpful and client focussed. Viktor adapts every massage to the each client’s needs.

Viktor speaks Slowakisch, high German and English (A2).  You email Viktor at viktor@healwell.ch or can book a massage with Viktor using this link

Jorge Mendez

Personal Trainer

Jorge has always been in contact with sport since he was a child. He began his studies in Sports Science in Spain for 5 years and holds a Master’s degree in high performance in sports. He also has is a Certified Personal trainer from USA NSCA and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist from USA NSCA.

He has has reached competitive level in football, karate and CrossFit.

In addition to being passionate about strength and endurance training, he likes to motivate his clients to reach their next level and improve their style and quality of life.

He has been a personal trainer since 2010 and many people have trained with him in an enjoyable and effective way to achieve their goals. With such indepth education and experience, you can’t go wrong with Jorge as your personal trainer.

You can book a personal training session with  Jorge using this link

Katherine Maas

Massage Therapist (Health insurance covered) & Endurance Coach

Katherine Maas is a Massage Therapist with EMR recognition and a member of Der Schweizerischer Verband der Berufs-Masseure (SVBM). She focuses on bringing restorative stretching, mobilisation and deep muscle work into each treatment.
In addition, Katherine is an Ananda yoga and meditation instructor (RYT 200) as well as an experienced endurance athlete and coach, guiding and coaching triathletes and runners of all abilities. Katherine is an inspiring in many ways, including her perseverance and determination. She has personally completed more than a dozen marathons and soon will compete is a ultra marathon where it is 128 kilometres of running!  That’s some 25-30 hours of running.
Insurance recognition
As a member of the Swiss Professional Association for Massage Therapists with Health Insurance Registration, Katherine is recognised by most health insurance companies (supplementary insurance) and a member of the EMR. We currently cover these health insurances: CSS, SWICA (nur präventiv Jahrespauschal), Concordia, KPT, Innova EGK, ÖKK (nur ein kleine Jahrespauschal), Agrisano, Aquilana, Groupe Mutuel, Sanitas.
With an additional supplementary insurance Katherine’s Classical Swedish Massage is mostly refunded by your insurance. If you want to be sure whether your health insurance company accepts a therapy or treatment in whole or in part, we recommend that you clarify this in advance with your health insurance. Mention ‘Katherine Maas’.
Katherine speaks English and German. You can book as service with her directly using this link or via email katherine@healwell.ch 

Diego Espadero Martínez

Physiotherapist,  Manual Therapist & Movement Trainer

Diego is an easy going, warm and charming therapist and trainer. He is inspired by how our body works and loves to discover how it moves. He loves to be at one with nature. His style of massage is a deep, strong and poised designed to help you relax, release and recover. You will feel taller, freer more energised than ever after a treatment with him.  He teaches yoga, Animal Flow and calisthenics. He is trained in Thai massage, Invasive Physiotherapy (with dry needling).

He speaks Spanish, English and German (A2). You can book Diego directly by using this link or via email diego@healwell.ch

Paul Sayer

Classical Massage & Medicinal Qi Gong Therapist

After two full years Paul Sayer has now left healwell (& Switzerland) for a life closer to nature and fishing in countryside France. Paul is much missed by his regular and long term clients and the healwell team! The great new is that Paul will very occasionally return Zürich and will remain as a special guest therapist at healwell. He is trained for Classical Massage and Medicinal Qi Gong in England and Switzerland with many years of experience in holistic and eastern philosophical thinking.

Paula Marcos

Personal Trainer

Passionate about training and sports education, Paula finished her Sport Sciences Degree in Spain and Masters in Physical Education before she moved to Switzerland. She truly believes that constant progress gives real long-term results.

For that reason, she considers that science and a personalized approach are the basics to develop a personal training program. Her experience in leading outside bootcamps made her trainings stand out for creative exercises without forgetting about a proper technique.

Alexandra Friedrich

Massage Therapist

A good therapist listens to the client and finds out what are the stressors and then focuses on balancing the person’s energy flow in order to heal the spirit. Alexandra provides each client with a massage that is specifically tailored to their needs. She gives each client everything she has. She tries her best to heal what ails you. Her personal mission is to “fix” you. When you leave her chair or table you will feel invigorated and relaxed.

Dominic Place

Group Trainer

Want to train with a Swiss military style bootcamp? It’s not as hard as you perceive. Dominic Place has a special passion for motivating you and making each workout a fun challenge to overcome. You will bond with him instantly. More importantly you will conenct with other like minded people and reconnect with your inner strength and be again in awe of what a wondering thing we have – our bodies.

When you Train with Dominic you will get the feeling of a ‘job well done’ and your body will thank you for it. How about improving your functional strength or handstand? His form, moveme