Massage Services

Deep Tissue Massage

This is a very strong full body massage focuses on the major muscles. Full strength, firm compression and grip techniques are used to deeply release tensions. Your therapist will tailor the massage especially to your most needed zones. He will hone in and focus on your knots and trigger points, working on them feverishly to achieved measurable and tangible results.

Our promise: 95% of healwell clients fall asleep at the end of our massages. You will be given plenty of time to nap/rest after your massage. There is no rush to return to your daily routine.

Recommended Massage Strength: 9.5/10.

Signature Asian Wellness Massage

This full body oil massage draws together the best-loved massage elements from Bali, China, India, Thailand & Vietnam. Your therapist will use full length gliding strokes. It is exceptionally free-flowing and rhythmic. Bodyweight compression techniques are used to provide wonderful deep tension relief. This massage promises to bring back memories of that magical massage you had on your last trip to a faraway land.

Recommended massage strength: 7.5/10

Classical Swedish Massage

Using deep treatment of tissue and muscle, symptoms of pain, tension and restriction in movement can be localized and eliminated. This massage is health insurance covered (for those with supplementary health insurance (Zusatzversicherung)). Please check with your health insurance first.

Recommended massage strength: 8/10