Treat yourself well. 

#MondayMotivation Stay focused on your goals this week. Don’t let distractions side track you. And remember that your number one goal is always your health. Treat yourself well. Have a great week. Matt. 

Tief einatmen. 

5 steps to instant happiness. Follow slowly after me: 1) Breathe out stress, 2) breathe in calmness, 3) Breathe out bullshit 4) Breathe in love 5) SMILE & have a good day. Repeat once. That’s it! Remember, we create our own happiness. #happiness #meditate #meditation #calmness #breathe #beyourownhero #personaltrainer #massagetherapist #focusonyourbreath 

Tips to staying cool this summer

Summer time tips to stay cool and fit: Stay hydrated. There are 1200 fountains Zürich, so there is no excuse. Drink plenty of water – including a glass right before bedtime. And of course, alcohol doesn’t count! Exercise very early in the morning. Go old school, put some ice in front of the ventilator! Get creative, put […]