Tips to staying cool this summer

Summer time tips to stay cool and fit: Stay hydrated. There are 1200 fountains Zürich, so there is no excuse. Drink plenty of water – including a glass right before bedtime. And of course, alcohol doesn’t count! Exercise very early in the morning. Go old school, put some ice in front of the ventilator! Get creative, put […]


Wonder Oil: I am so excited to receive delivery of those bottles of Chinese oils shipped from Hong Kong today. I know it is not going to get many likes, but those in the know, know that this oil, first formulated in 1907. My grandmother used it, my father and mother use it. The Chinese […]

Wahnsinnig. Danke schön. 

I am so pleasantly surprised by the generous, beautiful and thoughtful gifts that my clients sometimes bring me. Look at this wonderful #sunflower arrangement. #100happydays #Day44 I am happy and grateful today for having the job of my dreams. #dreamscometrue #happyandgrateful 

Train, meditate, enjoy life.

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