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Wonder Oil: I am so excited to receive delivery of those bottles of Chinese oils shipped from Hong Kong today. I know it is not going to get many likes, but those in the know, know that this oil, first formulated in 1907. My grandmother used it, my father and mother use it. The Chinese have used it for generations. I use one tiny drop of this wonder oil between and under the shoulder blades where the knots are. It is the best muscle relaxant! To top it off, the peppermint fragrance is amazing. EVERY SINGLE ONE of my clients had given only positive feedback it. have you tried it yet? 

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Matthew Hua

Matthew Hua is a trained massage therapist, Swiss certified fitness instructor/personal trainer and holds a double Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). His massage practice and fitness studio is in Zürich, near Sihlcity.

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